The mission of Achieve to Succeed is to build an individual’s  confidence level in all areas of life. I believe education is the key to success that leads to greater opportunities and career pathways. This tutoring program promotes learning in a variety of ways that will  help  one to  understand concepts in their academic journey and in  everyday life.   Achieve to Succeed motivates individuals to strive for their personal best.

Our Tutors

Our tutors are very passionate about helping individuals reach their highest potential.

We know how critical it is to get started on the right path and form good habits at a young age.  By focusing on exactly what it is that an individual needs help with, our tutors can help individuals be the best version of themselves!

Our tutors provide one-on-one individualized academic tutoring in all skill areas. Our tutors have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher and are passionate about subjects they teach. We work to support academic development and the achievement of early learning milestones for learners. An individual can reach their full potential from the help of our tutors through planning and building a variety of lesson plans.


Homework Incentives Provided

Our Professional Programs

Here’s how we customize our programs to fit his/her unique needs:

We evaluate an individual’s strengths and opportunities so we know exactly where to start. We create a personal learning plan that “adapts” to an individual’s skill level and pace, so the individual  feels engaged, motivated, never frustrated, rushed or bored,  We balance tailored instruction with independent practice.  Each session advances an individual’s  skills and creativity.  Also  tutors assist him or her to become an all-around successful person.   We measure an individual’s progress and collaborate with you to ensure goals are met.



Our Testimonials

Kimberly-Parent of Math and Reading Student "Ms. Fish, I can't thank you enough for the consistency and patience you provided for my son when he needed it the most. You boosted his self-esteem and gave him the foundational skills he needed to get back on track. Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations. Our son formed a bond with you as if you were one of his own teachers. As a result of your tutoring services, he was able to increase his grade point average! I would highly recommend you to continue to help others in need! Thank You!"

Goddesses-Parent of a graduate from high school
"It was a pleasure to work with Miss Fish. My daughter was falling in 2 subjects in her junior year of high school when she started Miss Fish tutoring program. The one on one help has been amazing and now she has graduated high school with honors. Thank you for your time and patience Miss Fish."

Tabitha-Parent of a Reading Student
"My daughter has been getting tutoring from Miss Fish for awhile now. My daughter has improved overall and I am so satisfied with the tutoring. Miss Fish is not only a great tutor, but she is very patient with students. I can't say enough positive things about this tutor. She truly is a great teacher."

Mr. F
"Ms. Miyoko is a wonderful tutor. She took time out of her schedule to plan a whole lesson plan for my child! She took time to make sure my child understood the lessons. My child did not like reading; however Miyoko helped my child read. My child likes reading now because of Miyoko's tutoring. I recommend a parent or students to have Ms. Miyoko as a tutor. A phenomenal tutor is hard to find. I am happy that we have Ms. Miyoko. She is dedicated and is a hard worker."

Toshio-Teacher of Student "Miyoko is an excelling tutor. She has taught my student how to read. Miyoko has taught my student how to decode words, strategies to increase his fluency and comprehend what he reads. This student enjoyed having Miyoko as his tutor. If Miyoko did not teach this student how to read, I believe he will be struggling with reading. My child love to read because of her. Miyoko is an amazing tutor. I appreciate everything she did for my child.

Claudia Burrows-Parent of a Math Student
I would like to thank you Ms. Fish for tutoring my daughter. She made great progress in school especially in math under your tutorship. Your patience was greatly appreciated as well. Now she's graduated getting ready to attend college.

Ms. Judd-Kindergarten Teacher
Hello! Hasina Fish has been the substitute teacher of a Kindergarten class at Countryside Elementary since October 2020. During that time, Ms. Fish has developed a positive academic and behavioral relationship with the Kinder students. She has communicated with the parents of the students as needed to discuss behavior and academic progress. She is always ready and present at school and very positive with sraff and students.

Tracie-8th Grade Parent
My daughter Jayda has been tutored by Jayda since 2nds grade. I am soooo grateful for her giving my husband the information so our daughter could get the professional help she needed to succeed. Jayda is now in the 8th grade getting ready to go into High School. Ms. Fish skills, patience, professionalism and truly loving her job helped me as a mother forever grateul. Jayda has the most confidence skill set to get through anything.
My client Linda ended 5th grade with good grades. She was failing Math and Science; however she received a B in Math and an A in Science. I am proud of her! I motivated,encouraged,and believed in her. Job well done Linda!
Wow! I am very happy for my former tutoring client. I tutored Trey in fourth grade. He was struggling with self-confidence and it was affecting his Math and Reading grades years ago. On May 20th,2022,Trey graduated from 12th grade. Hard work paid off! He never gave up and overcame his obstacles. Achieve To Succeed is proud of him!